Blue Sky Technologies Limited has a reputation for excellence, quality, and quick response. To keep pace with today’s fast-growing, innovative Business climate, we strive to remain the best and the country’s first choice when it comes to the provision of cutting edge service delivery by using the latest and the best of technology.More...


To provide Electrical / Electronic installation and all types of ICT solutions to our clients/customers and meet their demands.
To offer a service that stands out in exception from the rest.
To be the best example of service and excellence.
"To be the solution you need."

Our Services

Electric Fencing Installation and maintenance

What Is An Electric Fence?

Electric fence is an effective security system that protects your property from burglars, thieves or even criminals. Properly installed, [electric fence] can be a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals from crossing a boundary.


Computer Networking Services

What is a Computer Network?

A computer network is a set of inter-connected computers. Computers on a network are called nodes. The connection between computers can be done via cabling, most commonly the Ethernet cable, or wirelessly through radio waves. Connected computers can share resources, like access to the Internet, printers, file servers, and others. A network is a multipurpose connection that enables a computer to do a more.


Website Designing/Development

What is a Website

As per standard definition a Website is the collection of web pages with a single page called homepage which has links to other web pages. Home page is basically the first page you get to see whenever you nevigate to a particular website an introduction page of your website like Blue Sky Technologies Limited .


Power Factor Correction

Are you always presented with a huge bill from ZESCO or you are buying alot of power that is affecting your business.Maybe you are even blaming ZESCO for that huge amount of money that accumulate.


Center Pivot Installation and Maintenance

Center Pivot is a Technology that is widely used by commercial and small scale farmers throughout the world.


Access control system Installation

Access Control Systems


Security cameras(CCTV systems) installation

CCTV equipment may be used to observe parts of a process from a central control room,and placed where humans are enable to reach.


Smoke and Fire Detectors Installation

Smoke and fire detectors are part of safety in any building or home. As these fire-protection devices will automatically detect and warn you of the presence of smoke and can save your life in the event of fire. Smoke detectors are least expensive means of providing an early warning of a potentially deadly fire and could reduce by almost half the risk of dying from fire in any building or home.


Solar Energy and backup power installation



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